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Ballested Roofing

Ballested roofs use gravel to cover, hold down and protect the roof membrane. It can be loosely laid EPDM or built up.

Built Up Roofing
Built up roofs suffer from a loss of durability after exposure to UV.

EPDM Roofing
EPDM roofs will leak when seams pull apart as the material shrinks and loses elasticity.

Meatal Roofing (R-Panel)
R-Panel metal roofs are common in older metal buildings. Like corrugated metal roofing, they are notorious for leaks.

Metal Roofing (Standing seam)
Standing seam metal roofs also need to be coated when noticeable granule loss occurs.

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam
Sprayed polyurethane foam must be protected by elastometric coatings to prevent ultraviolet induced surface degradation.

PVC Roofing
PVC roofs become brittle and develop hairline cracks known as crazing. Roof coatings can add years to PVC roofing.

The Benefits of Silicone

They say that it is better to give than to receive. During the Christmas season we are all reminded of this phrase and that it is probably accurate. However, that doesn't mean that receiving isn't still a lot of fun! There are several benefits you can expect to receive by installing a silicone coating on your roof. 

Reflecting UV Rays

Silicone coatings provide a reflective surface on your roof that can save you money in a multitude of ways. First, they keep your building cooler in the summer, which means you don't have to run your AC as much, which means it doesn't consume as much electricity.
Second, your AC unit will last longer and require fewer repairs because it doesn't have to work as hard in the summer. A silicone coating keeps your building cool and comfortable, and saves you money on energy thanks to its reflectivity. Those are two pretty great "gifts"!

Avoiding Roof Tear-Off

Another great "gift" you receive when you install a silicone coating on your roof is the gift of less labor. Typical roof replacements require the old roofing system to be completely torn off, which is a lot of hard labor. This costs more money and takes longer than installing a silicone coating. By avoiding roof tear-off when you restore your roof, you save time, money, and energy.

Renewing Your Roof in the Future

Perhaps the greatest "gift" given by silicone roof coatings is that of renewability. Not only does silicone allow you to renew your roof right now, but you can do it again in the future in 15-20 years. And you can do it again 15-20 years after that! Silicone is the gift that keeps on giving, and you can keep on receiving. 
All those years of renewing your roof allow you to keep energy costs low, avoid ever tearing off your roof, and keep those materials out of the landfill.

Type your parNeed a technology-driven commercial roofing system that extends the life of your roof with less roof maintenance? Consider our high-performance reinforced, fully-adhered and seamless Commercial Roofing Systems. With these commercial roofing systems you benefit from the latest product and installation advances in water-bases coatings that include Cool Roof elastrometrics. You can custom-reinforce your roof restoration for extra toughness under adverse service conditions, and you benefit from long-term warranty options and the added confidence of using qualified professional applicators.agraph here.

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Acrylic Roof Coating

Polyurea provides a tough monolithic membrane suitable for almost any roofing substrates. Polyurea features seamless rapid-set high moisture tolerance, toughness, long coating life, water-proof, and fire resistance.

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